“SPARKED my interested in using essential oils”

Nikki has always been striving to teach and educate others on whole body health. From physical, to mind, and soul. Nikki has guided me in helping others in taking control of their health choices and proactively chose alternatives measures to support their body in a natural way. She SPARKED my interested in using essential oils in my everyday routine (which I thank her for) and now has SPARKED my interest in the Aromatherapy department, which I never thought I would be interested in. Nikki makes it look easy and is always there to support with any question. She helps give you the empowerment that you can do it to. That you can take control of your life and your health.

— Denise L.

“Very passionate and educated in aromatherapy.”

Rachael is very passionate and educated in aromatherapy and the use of these therapeutic essential oils ! I have learned so much from her and also received and amazing aromatherapy massage that revejuvenated me and help with some muscle discomfort/soreness and detoxification!! I would recommend this type of massage to anyone it is noninvasive and very therapeutic! Thank you Rachael ❤️🙏✨

— Marlene R.

You can't ask for a better support resource

Rachael is incredibly knowledgeable and very passionate about what she does. . . if you are looking at making a change and exploring using essential oils in your life, you can't ask for a better support resource.

— Cassie R.



Rachael is very passionate about essential oils. She is knowledgeable in which oils to use for ailments as well as correct dilution ratios. Her Aroma massages are very relaxing - make sure you have nothing scheduled after as you will be so incredibly relaxed it may be hard to speak!! I recommend Rachael to everyone and anyone who is interested in essential oils!

— Carley B..