Essential Oil Dilution By Age

Sometimes age matters 🤷‍♀️

Infants 👶 and elderly 👵 have thinner skin, so they need less to get a similar benefit. Additionally, tiny new humans are at a higher risk of sensitization.

Interestingly, about 90% of a neat oil applied will evaporate, so you may only be getting 1/10th of what you are using...sort of a waste of oil 💧 and money 😳 And neat use increases the risk of sensitization and skin irritation.

But an essential oil diluted in a carrier oil means your body will be using 90% or more of the essential oil 😊. And let's not forget that there are added benefits of the carrier oil you choose, its not just diluting it, its creating a complimentary blend with intention.

Print this beautiful chart we created for you to help keep your oil experiences positive and effective 💕

Any questions, comments or experiences to share ❓

age dilution School of Essentria.png