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Created by Rachael Dean, Nikki Fraser, and Rhonda Greenbury who are each Level 3, Certified Clinical Aromatherapists with NAHA and Certified Aromatherapy Health Practitioners (CAHP) with the Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists (CFA).  We are an online school offering a Level 3 certification course with NAHA and the CAHP course with the Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists.

Come learn in our easy to use online program from the comfort of your home! Learn at your own pace, start whenever you want! 

Our Aromatherapy Certification course is over 425 hours and covers over 70 essential oil profiles, history, chemistry, safety, chakras, carrier oils, hydrosols and so much more. Students also learn anatomy, physiology and pathology.  They learn through hands-on activities, assignments and case studies while having fun in our positive and upbeat student group.  

Those who will benefit from our program are; parents, health providers, health coaches, fitness, yoga instructors, RMT’s, naturopath’s and natural health enthusiasts or those who want to learn how to improve their health!

Our free Intro Course is available for all to get a taste of our online learning environment!

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Signup for the Aromatherapy Certification Course and it includes Aromatherapy Module 1 & Anatomy Module 2.

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Intro to Essential Oils



Come learn a little about Essential Oils with us!

This course will go over:

  • What is aromatherapy

  • The purpose of essential oils

  • How to use essential oils safely

  • 8 essential oils profiles

  • Recipes

Module 1 - Aromatherapy

Take a big leap into broadening your knowledge and learning how to use essential oils safely. Dive deep into empowering yourself to be informed, educated and conscious of essential oils and their many therapeutic benefits. Become certified today!

Module 2 - Anatomy

To become a Certified Aromatherapist you have to learn all about the human body and the various systems that make it work! In this module, you will have the opportunity to learn about the anatomy and physiology of the human body.


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