Marijuana/ Hemp

420 😱🌱 day!

Yep even us aroma folks know about this special plant πŸ˜‰

In fact one of our founders is developing a course specifically for Cannabis πŸ’š !

A few things to note... πŸ’΅ recreational and medical cannabis are legal in Canada, but must be bought from a Licensed producer
πŸ’§ CBD used to fall under an Industrial Hemp Act and we could order it from anywhere, but the new Cannabis Act changed that and in Canada only those who have a medical marijuana license can access it from an online Licensed Producer
πŸ€— Cannabis has many therapeutic applications including but not limited to ADHD, ALS, Autism, Cancer, Depression, IBD &IBS, neurodegenerative diseases, skin disorders, sleep disorders and so much more....we'll be covering all that in the course πŸ˜‰
πŸ‘‰THC can take 12 hours to leave the blood system, it's illegal to drive with THC in your blood whether its affecting you neurologically or not

Stay tuned for our course 🀩 and let us know what you use cannabis for πŸ‘‡