FREEDOM for FRANKIE‼️ This oil right here can bring freedom to your pain, your mind, your scars, etc....pretty cool if you ask us 👌

Frankincense is a more expensive oil because the trees used for some species can't be cultivated and only grows in a mountain area in Somalia and a few other countries.

If you can't mail something to the country your oil is made in for that cost, I hope you weren't expecting to pay that much for a bottle of the essential oil 🧐

Frankincense is commonly diffused or burned as incense in churches. It does help with spiritual connections, among other 😍 amazing things.

It also happens to be one of the top oils used in the perfumery 👃 industry.

What do you know about Frankincense⁉️ What's your favourite way to use❓ Or is it on your wish list❓