Woodsy yet herby....those are words right 😂


Surprisingly, Cumin essential oil is phototoxic 😲 so avoid sunlight for 24-72 hours when using it topically or only apply to areas of the body that won't have sun 🌞 exposure.

The oil smells 👃like a much stronger version of the herb with a middle note for blending. Its price point varies among suppliers and it's not a common oil to carry.

Some use this oil to help 🙌 with feelings of deceit. An empath 🥰 may try this oil when they feel undervalued. Or if indecision is an issue, this oil may guide you to clear 🤔thinking.

Now grab a pen and paper, place a drop of this oil onto the paper 📄. What are some of the things you notice about this oil❓ Does it flow, or require patience❓ Does the scent bring any memories to mind, take notes on what comes to mind❓ Does the aroma remind you of a warm, spicy masculine scent or do you perceive it differently❓