Get your laugh on 🤣

This oil can cause extreme happiness ☺️ It shares the same botanical name as Cilantro essential oil, but it comes from the seeds.

Coriander is an excellent oil for digestive 💩issues, can help wake you up 😴 and boost your confidence 💪!

It typically comes in a 10-15ml bottle and it's 💰 priced a tad more than the least expense oils. Its scent is similar to the herb or Cilantro 🌱 but powerful enough to take over a blend. This oil similar to citrus oils tends to evaporate quickly 😮, even from an unopened bottle. Keeping your oils in a dark, cool place can help keep them from evaporating.

Take some deep breaths of Coriander and journal 📖 how you feel. What's the first thing that comes to mind❓ Do you have memories that this oil brings forward for you❓ Do you feel happiness or another emotion❓ Share some of your thoughts on this oil....or is it in your wish list❓👇