If you're able, get some basil 🌱 🤓 practicing my rhyming skills, can you think of a rhyme for basil⁉️ 🤣

Basil essential oil is so fresh, it's a must have ‼ But its scent can quickly take over any blend, so less is more 😉

It usually comes in a 10-15 ml bottle, is average 💵 priced for an essential oil on the middle to low end for cost. I would expect to spend at least $20-40 from a reputable company 💕 Not sure what's reputable, just ask us 👇

Basil essential oil is different than holy basil the herb, so adrenal issues aren't appropriately addressed with the oil 😱 but it can help with exhaustion in general 🤗

Do you have basil❓❔
What are some things you've used it for❓
Or is basil on your wish list❔